El Olam Cares – Mission Statement 
To provide financially challenged individuals of all ages, including those who suffer from disabilities, with the resources needed to learn the art of dance and acquire education in the health benefits (mind, body, 
and spirit) found therein.    

El Olam Purpose

El Olam Cares’ purpose is to uplift the Detroit community by finding resources that make Dance, Music and Arts programs accessible to anyone regardless of their financial situation.  We believe that the arts are a way to save and change young lives for the better.  The arts give them an outlet to release tension and stress while at the same time teaches character, discipline, teamwork, confidence and self-respect.  The arts can also aid in learning to live a healthy life both mentally and physically.  

El Olam Cares - Goals 

El Olam Cares will provide resources, annually, that will enable people to attend DDance classes, workshops, and conferences at no cost or at a reduced rate.  Likewise, El Olam Cares will provide a healthy and safe environment for disadvantaged people, including those who suffer from disabilities, to participate in activities that involve dance and/or exercise.  These individuals will also learn about how structured dance training promotes healthy living (Mind Body and Spirit).   El Olam Cares’ main objective is to provide scholarships to a minimum of 100 people per year to attend events, take classes, and train with nationally renowned dance instructors and health providers. 

El Olam Cares’ Dance & Music Intensive – Program 

The El Olam Dance Intensive Project is the capstone for El Olam Cares.  The project seeks to involve participants of all ethnicities and backgrounds to work with professional singers and dancers to learn basic fundamentals


and music. Students work together to create choreographed dances and songs of encouragement.  People come together each evening from different geographical areas to witness what the participants have learned.  Dance instructors include Eyesha Marable (NJPAC), Freddie Moore (Alvin Ailey American Dance), Layesha Walton (Anointed 2 Dance) and Mas Que Vencedores (MQV-Men Dance).  The singing instructor is Phil Tarver national recording artist.  

Over 350 people (150 youth and teens) will participate in the Intensive.  All the participants will ultimately perform on the last night of the Intensive.   This program is unique in that it brings together distinct populations from all walks of life throughout the United States but mainly the participants are from the Metro Detroit area.  It also provides opportunities for all participants to train under professionals who are not easily accessible.  The goal of the program is to embed the love of the arts into the participants and remind the community that the arts programs still exist in the City of Detroit.  The program takes place for 2 full days, a few weeks after Detroit public schools break for the summer. 


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El Olam Cares


El Olam Sponsorship Information

El Olam Cares is a nonprofit organization founded in 2015 by Lin and Yolanda Rountree.  Its mission is to provide financially challenged individuals of all ages, including those who suffer from disabilities, with the resources needed to learn the art of Dance and acquire education in the health benefits found therein (mind, body, and spirit).  The ultimate goal of this gala is to raise enough funds to provide scholarships for 50 underprivileged youth from the Greater Detroit Area to attend the 10th annual El Olam 2-Day Dance and Music Intensive program on June 16 & 17, 2023. Sponsoring El Olam’s 2-Day Dance Intensive will afford you the opportunity to support a positive endeavor that brings people of all ages and walks, from different parts of North America to Detroit to learn various aspects of praise dancing.  This year’s intensive will be held at the newly renovated Cobo Center, Downtown Detroit. It is expected to draw several hundred more participants, with significant growth in attendance over the past three years since its inception in 2013.  
This event will give you an opportunity to get your information across to a large audience from now and throughout the weekend activities. sponsorship with El Olam Center for Dance.

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El Olam 5th Annual Valentine's Fundraiser Gala - February 11, 2024